How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

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How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

«  » by enigma
Again, it will be useless because you may not find any INTJ woman in real life, but whatever who carez. I'm an INTJ and I just attention wh0r1ng as usual. ;))

So, how do you know if the cold-hearted who carez bitch like meh likes you?
Here's some signs :

  • If she gives her time to you, chat with you, accompany you, etc.
    We don't like to waste time for something useless, but we can do that for someone we like.

  • If she helps you doing your work or teach you about something you don't understand.
    We know about everything and we always right about everything, we are fast learner and fast worker. You don't have to get depressed, we'll take care of all your problems. ;))

  • If she do any physical act to you, like touching etc.
    Ye, we're cold-hearted, we don't like to cuddle with random persons. ;))
    If we ever touch you or even kiss you that means we're ready to marry you.

  • If she ask your opinions about something.
    I repeat : we know about everything, we don't need your opinions, we just want to be "warm" and you'll be happy because you feel "smart"

  • If she tries to understand you.
    No matter how stoopit and useless you are, she will try to understand you and your situation even though she knows that you are wrong and she's right.

  • If she apologize after she thinks that she has done wrong to you.
    We don't really bother to other's feeling, if we think that we're doing something right for the greater good. We only care the feelings of the selected few people. If we say sorry to you, that means you're so special for us.

  • If she says she loves you and needs you.
    We're very direct persons, we don't like to play love games and we won't say "I Love You" to random persons, we have too big pride for that.

I know that we're so hard to get.
We're so cold, cocky, narcissistic, independent, too intimidating, etc that really really really evil for girls --luckily we are only 1% so that 99% women are angels--
Maybe it will be so heart breaking if you start to approaching us, but don't give up on us.
We're extremely loyal and faithful, we have very deep emotions and very empathetic (but just pretend to be cold).

Once we love you, we will love you for life, there's nothing you can do to make us stop loving you. We don't care with physical appearances, we don't care with other people think about you. If we love you that means we love you forever.

But remember, we're so empathetic, we're so easily get hurt. Once you hurt us and break our trust, it's nearly impossible for you to get it back. We can easily cut anyone from our lives. That means Adios Amigo, Zaijian!!

Did I say enough about we're so empathetic?? Well, we're good in remote smelling lies, that's not kidding. I used to wrote on IS that I can remote smelling, ye...I can remote smelling your lies but after I do the deep thinking about it, which I can do it really fast.
Just don't you ever dare to lie to us, we can handle truth better than you. ;))

If you like an INTJ, you have to make us feel special.
I think that xNFx people are always try to fit in and want to be liked by everyone.
If you want to approach an INTJ girl, don't treat her the same with you treat everyone.
Remember that we don't mind to be corrected, if your correction is stoopit, we'll just smile ;))
If your correction is smart, you'll get very high point for that.

No pains no gains.

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Re: How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

«  » by enigma
Add :

INTJ women are kind of picky, we like to watching on many people behaviors and details, once you do something bad, you will get kicked. But if you're being a good boy, we will never let you go. ;))
Don't be scared, we're not possessive at all, as long as you are being faithful and honest to us.

Once you can possessed our minds, you will definitely own our physical bodies.
Fuck mein brain first and you can fuck mein body. ;))

Be in sexy,
be in purity.

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Re: How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

«  » by harlequinLYN
This describes my INTJ friend as well, though he's a guy.

I keep thinking I should probably strike up a conversation with him(meaning cuss him out again via email lol, jk jk jk), but I think it'd be a bad idea unless I'd be willing to commit to him, which I am not.

I guess this is the part where I say it's because he violated one of my ideals/moral codes that I deeply felt and that is why we are no longer in contact. Maybe one day, I'll be the stronger and bigger person and say something anyway. Until then, I am immature me.
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Re: How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

«  » by harlequinLYN
And this NF person is not trying to fit in.

This NF person also doesn't believe in competition. Maybe that's a part of the whole avoiding conflict thing.
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Re: How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

«  » by ,,,
Now that I think about this, I guess it's easier to know how to tell if an INTJ woman DOESN'T like you. Since, it's rather tricky to know whether an INTJ likes you or not. :thinking:

Once you make her detests you by any mean, she would rather ignore you.
In her eyes, you're just not worth her time.
It would be so hard to get her "see" you again.
She would never reply on your messages.
Your attempts to insult or reconcile would be simply useless.
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How To Tell If An INTJ Woman Likes You

«  » by Therdib
Just the jeans fell? Phew

Good Mommy to keep mouth shut how did you keep from laughing? Best learned lesson is lesson learned on own.
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Welcome to the original hookup club!

«  » by DeniseNum
Welcome to the original hookup club!

These members are ONLY looking for casual sex and discreet encounters.
You know them from work, from school, from the gym, they are your neighbors!
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«  » by LeonWep
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«  » by LeonWep
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